Roof Repairs

Addressing a small leak in a roof is just as vital as completing more serious types of residential roof repair. Even a small leak can become very problematic, causing unseen damage to the structure of a house and causing mold growth and wood rot before you ever see evidence of a leak. This is why it is important to routinely inspect the roof and attic areas, and call on a skilled professional to address leaks as soon as possible. The cost to repair damage from a leak that has gone unattended can be many times larger than the cost of a simple roof repair!

Window and Door Replacements

Windows and doors just don’t last as long due to our weather. We are here to make sure your home is appealing, while providing a safe and weather friendly structure

Plumbing Services

We offer plumbing services amongst many other services. We deal with all the basic plumbing repairs that specialist plumbers aren’t always available & geared up to, such as dripping taps, leaking pipes, blocked internal pipes, bleeding radiators, changing taps faulty toilet cisterns, leaning bath taps.


Let Us Help You

When it comes to general maintenance, home improvement to special tasks such as remodeling, and home repairs: our handyman experts are here to take excellent care of you.

BC Services

We at BC Services promise to save you time, money and headaches. Servicing Hilton Head, Bluffton, Beaufort and Surround Areas.