Questions regarding a new roof or handyman services

Are The Estimates Free?

Yes!  The professional will view the project and give a free estimate.

Can I choose the material colors and manufacturer

Yes!  We leave the choices to you!  You pick the paint colors or the material color.  You can even choose the manufacturer if you desire.  You can also leave the selection of the manufacturer to us.  We only use high quality manufacturers.

Do you charge by the hour or the job?

We do NOT charge by the hour for roofing.  Depending on the project or job we may charge by the hour or by the project.

Will you need to access the attic area?

If you have current leaks we may need to access the attic area to see where the leaks are coming from.

What happens if it rains the day of the installation of the new roof or outdoor work?

Rain, hail, and excessive heat may force delays in our production schedule. We need the appropriate amount of time to ensure that the roof/project is properly installed.

Will we need access to the drive way for delivery of materials and dump trailer?

Yes, please clear ALL vehicles from the driveway for delivery. The delivery trucks usually need to use the driveway to properly unload the material. If possible, they will unload the materials on the roof. We will also need an area to put the dump trailer for all debris.

Will I need to move all outdoor furniture for a new roof?

Please distance all items around the house (e.g. patio and pool furniture, potted plants, gardening equipment, and grills) into a SAFE AREA so that they won’t be damaged by falling debris.

How bad is the noise on the day of installation of the new roof?

The process of installing a roof is quite noisy. Pets and family members who are sensitive to loud noises may want to be somewhere else during the installation.

Site clean up?

We will clean up the job site daily. After the work is complete, we will clean-up the area as best as possible, but a few nails may remain that are hidden in the grass or shrubbery.